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The Oriental Healing Clinic provides acupuncture in Boulder and Nederland as one component of healing through Chinese Medicine. We go beyond symptom relief and identify the root cause of illness or dysfunction, allowing for healing and the prevention of illness.

Oriental Healing Clinic is unique in that we provide individualized treatment using Chinese Medicine in conjunction with an understanding of the body from Western science. This healing approach profoundly works with the balance and flow of the energetic system and takes into account the many influences affecting your health, viewing you in a holistic manner.

Chinese Medicine involves

  • acupuncture,
  • acupressure,
  • heat therapy,
  • herbal medicine,
  • energy bodywork,
  • emotional and spiritual guidance, and
  • dietary and exercise.

Treatments are designed to activate the body’s natural healing potential, engage the energetic system, address the imbalances and the root cause, and alleviate symptoms.

The Oriental Healing Clinic acknowledges the uniqueness of your life’s journey and supports you in accessing and maintaining health and well-being.


Treatment Styles

Imperial Style

For people in good health to assist in maintaining health, preventing illness, and enhancing well-being. Treatment methods which are most supportive to maintaining health are uniquely combined in each session.

Bodywork Focused

For people less comfortable with needles, bodywork focused treatment addresses specific health concerns and aids in maintaining good health.

Traditional Treatment

Traditional treatment addresses specific health concerns and aids in maintaining good health. Treatment methods which are the most supportive to the individual are combined to optimize healing.

Patients Report

People Using Oriental Medicine Report:

  • Complete recovery
  • Significant improvement
  • Reduced recovery time
  • No need for surgery
  • Increased vitality
  • Less medication needs


“Acupuncture has helped me in more ways than I originally expected. As I had hoped it has greatly assisted me in managing my chronic neck pain that is partially a result of my athletic endeavors. Also, however, it has helped me in other ways. Juanita has been able to assist me in dealing with emotional issues, with continued work stress, and with occasional digestive problems. I am very fond of Juanita’s professionalism and her ability to listen and work within my constraints — she is always willing to try to find a solution that works for me and fits in with my lifestyle. This is a refreshing change from some healthcare providers who insist there is only one solution to a problem. I recommend Juanita’s services without reservation to anyone dealing with chronic pain, stress and/or emotional issues.”

Tri athlete & Marketing Manager

“I have been seeing Juanita at Oriental Healing Clinic for over 7 years – and so have my entire family. Her approach is calm and steady and she really takes the time to listen to you and your body. She has helped me with treating my asthma, allergies and sleeping issues (amongst others) with both acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and she has successfully treated other members of my family for everything from colds to stress. I recommend Juanita to everyone who is looking for a complementary approach to medicine.”


Other Healthcare Providers

Oriental medicine is a safe and effective health care option, which can be used along with Western medical treatments and other alternative healing methods.

Combining Western treatments with oriental medicine is often beneficial.

For example:

  • High blood pressure – may decrease the amount of anti-hypertensive medication required
  • Asthma – the amount of steroidal inhalers maybe reduced
  • Chemotherapy – side effects such as nausea, fatigue, and weakened immune system can be moderated

Oriental Medicine is often helpful to treat conditions unresponsive to Western treatments such as allergies, PMS, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and infertility. Oriental medicine views the patient’s condition from a different paradigm  and therefore can often provide healing that is not available from the Western perspective. The flip side of this is also true as there are options available in Western medicine that provide healing that is outside the resources and paradigm of Oriental Medicine.

The Oriental Healing Clinic works in conjunction with other healthcare providers to ensure each patient has access to the resources and skills necessary for their unique healing process. Each person responses differently to treatment, this is why it is great there are many options.