Juanita McLaughlin MS L.Ac Dipl OM – Acupuncturist Boulder, Nederland Colorado

Juanita-McLaughlinEducation and Certification

  • Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine
  • National Certification in Oriental Medicine (includes Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Biomedicine) being granted a diplomat for Oriental Medicine
  • State Licensed to practice Acupuncture in Colorado (no license available in Colorado for herbal medicine)
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science, Honors in Biochemistry

My Journey

I live in the beautiful mountains outside of Nederland, Colorado, and own and operate the Oriental Healing Clinic which offers acupuncture and other Chinese traditional medicine in both Boulder and Nederland. Now with over 10 years of experience as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine I am fully embracing my life’s calling, bringing together my varied experiences, skills and wisdom into the holistic care of people. I have worked hard to create a clinic that supports equity of access, the equality of all people and honors the wonder of the human spirit.

In life there are often key turning points that guide the directions we take. At the age of 5, I questioned how blood appeared in a cut on my knee. This fascination eventually led me to study the functioning of the human body in the Western medical paradigm of biochemistry, endocrinology and physiology. Years later I also studied Chinese Medicine. I feel fortunate to be in a position to combine the wonders of the human body from a Western science perceptive with the incredible healing capacity of Chinese Medicine.

After receiving my bachelor of science in biochemistry, I worked in a medical research lab delving into the microscopic world of cancer markers. Following this I entered the world of an EMT. Here I witnessed the many factors affecting a person’s health, bringing me in contact with the human spirit and how it endeavors to experience this world. The experience touched my heart.

After earning my MBA, I moved into the business world focusing on the delivery of EMT care. Here I become passionate that the systems in our world need to support equity of access and recognize the equality of all people, thus individuals and their communities can be healthy and vibrant.

Another key turning point for me was becoming a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, receiving my Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine here in the U.S. and my license to practice in Colorado. I then traveled to China for an internship.

Training in China

Following graduation from the Southwest Acupuncture College in Colorado, I went to China to further my knowledge in Chinese Medicine. I was fortunate to participate in a training program at the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, a top-level hospital that features the very best teachers and Doctors of Chinese Medicine. As the flagship hospital for Chinese Medicine in all of China, the Beijing Hospital of Chinese Medicine sees over 4,000 outpatients a day (some patients traveling a great distance) and prescribes over 3 tons of herbs daily.

My training program included acupuncture, bodywork and herbal medicine in both the clinic setting and lecture format. I had the privilege of interning in a number of specialties with very experienced doctors:

  • Internal Medicine with Dr. Lui
  • Skin Disease with Dr. Zheng
  • OBGYN with Dr. Wu
  • Muscle Injuries with Professor Lu Ding
  • Acupuncture outpatient clinic with Dr. Ma

Being in China, the birthplace of this rich medicine, gave me something intangible – a connection to and feeling for the medicine that I had not anticipated. I am grateful for the experience.

Bodywork Training

I received training in Yin Style Bagua, a style of bodywork that draws from the foundations of Chinese Medicine. I practice a specific form of Qi Gong known as the Eight Storing Qi and Sensitivity Exercises which were developed by the founders of Yin Style Bagua to directly enhance the practitioners’ bodywork and acupuncture skills.

Reiki Training

I am certified in Reiki level 1 and 2, and Karuna Reiki level 1.