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Acupuncture Clinic In Boulder & Nederland

The Oriental Healing Clinic has an acupuncture clinic in Boulder and Nederland. In addition to acupuncture we offer many other areas of Chinese Medicine which assist us in your treatment.  Therapies include Chinese Herbal Medicine and Energy Bodywork in combination with acupuncture we help treat a variety of conditions.  With all conditions we go to the root cause of illness, going beyond symptom relief, to allow healing and prevention of illness.The Oriental Healing Clinic is unique in that we provide individualized and holistic treatment using Oriental Medicine in conjunction with an understanding of the body from Western Science. Your practitioner stays solely focused on your care through the whole treatment time, making subtle adjustments which ensures optimal comfort, care and outcomes. The Oriental Healing Clinic has been providing services in Boulder and Nederland since 2005 and has helped treat many clients with very common health problems.

We can help you if you are challenged with any of these common health problems

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