Acupuncture for Weight Loss & Weight Control

acupuncture for weight loss

Carrying a little more than a few extra pounds, then finding support for the release of those pounds is a wellness priority.

Many factors weigh into the ability to release weight, for this reason a holistic approach is valuable. It needs to go beyond calories in calories out, your body has complex chemistry and internal signally that affects body weight.

The types of foods that the calories come from can have great influence. If the calories in calories out was the answer, the preceding decades of calorie restricted diets would have seen our waist lines decrease, but instead they have expanded.

Inflammation in response to foods and other compounds placed in the body also impacts how your body is holding weight. Emotions and comfort eating may contribute but also the bugs that occupy your intestines can drive eating habits causing cravings that are beyond any will power.

The regulation of blood sugar through the types of food eaten throughout the day greatly influences appetite. These are a few of the influencing factors on how your body maintains it’s weight, we can see that a holistic view can be a powerful tool.

Regulation of Blood Sugars

Acupuncture for weight loss

The regulation of blood sugar and the reduction of inflammation in the body greatly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and autoimmune disease thus enhancing ones’ health, well-being and longevity.

Using this holistic approach of combining Chinese Medicine and Western science, here at the Oriental Healing Clinic many people have been assisted in releasing weight. Some has seen dramatic and quick change, whiles others it is more slow and methodical. It is a very individual process, you are supported throughout with treatment strategies that evolve and adapt as you are transforming. If a decision is taken to have Gastric bypass surgery then post surgery support using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is extremely helpful.

Sugar the Bitter Truth  – this talk by a Pediatrician speaks to obesity issues and some of the perils of too much sugar. Let me emphasize the “too much”, sugar is an essential fuel for our bodies and our brain. Too much sugar over works the blood sugar and insulin mechanism in our body and causes inflammation that gets deposited in our arteries and joints, and often confusing our immune system.

Acupuncture for weight loss

Nature packaged this essential fuel in ways that restricted us accessing too much. Fruit is packaged with cellulose to slow its impact on our blood sugar and insulin response, sugar cane is so fibrous it is very difficult to eat, and honey is guarded by bees.

We have invented processes and technologies to concentrate sugar into such products as fruit juice, table sugar and honey (no bee in sight when I open my jar of honey), we can now merrily over consume sugar. It is not that we are bad, but our chemistry is built on an evolutionary history to survive and it instructs us to seek out this fuel which is essential to life.