Acupuncture Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Woman Back Pain Suffering from back or knee pain can be very debilitating, affecting one’s mobility, the pain disturbs sleep and affects your mood, making all things just that more difficult. Acupuncture treatment for lower back pain can often bring relief and progressive improvement over time where the condition has been chronic.

For acute injury, depending on severity of course, acupuncture can provide dramatic and rapid relief. A new study is confirming the long standing recognition of acupuncture for the treatment of back pain.

Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the study showed that those with chronic back pain who received acupuncture treatments were more likely than those getting usual care to have improvement in their ability to engage in activities of daily living. Acupuncture can treat both upper back pain and lower back pain, additional techniques like cupping, heat therapy and electrical stimulation (much like a Tens unit) are often integrated into treatments.


“Recently I was diagnosis with “right L5 radiculopathy”, causing sciatic like pain. I have an extra lumbar vertebra contributing to this condition. Initially the pain was excruciating. I was prescribed vivadin and percoset for the pain. The drugs did not touch the pain and they caused vomiting.

So, I went to see Juanita at the Oriental Healing Clinic. FINALLY I experienced pain relief. I can now walk, stand, sleep in my bed, bend at the waist, etc. I love going to acupuncture appointments because now I am healing.

At my recent appointment with the spinal neurosurgeon, he was incredibly impressed that the pain was so reduced.”

Acupuncture Treatment for Knee Pain

Acupuncture can treat knee pain from many different causes, such as osteoarthritis, torn MLC and ACL ligaments, torn meniscus, knee pain after running, post surgery for torn ligaments or meniscus and post knee replacement surgery. Acupuncture breaks up the blockages to the flow of energy and nutrients in the knee joint.

When blockages are in place then healing is impeded , especially for ligaments, tendons and the meniscus which receive less blood circulation normally. These blockages can occur from injury, inflammation and arthritis.

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