Dry Needling to help with Muscle Pain ReliefDry Needling and how Acupuncture can help with Muscle pain relief

Dry needling uses acupuncture needles to help with muscle pain relief, trigger point pain, muscle dysfunction and inflammation.

We are able to combine the focus of drying needle on dysfunction in a localized area such as muscle pain with the skills of an acupuncturists at our acupuncture clinic in Boulder or Nederland to expand your treatment so it addresses the other issues contributing to dysfunction.

Needles are also placed along the meridians to open up the energy flow which allows the energy being stimulated in the localized area somewhere to move to. This approach improves healing time, respects the holistic nature of your body and acknowledges that dysfunction in one area is affecting you in other places.

Often with treatments only focused symptomatic relief, then root causes are missed and conditions are likely to return, here at the clinic we acknowledge the importance of comprehensive care and place you in the care of a practitioner who can take this holistic view.

Contact our office today to set up an appointment for acupuncture to help with muscle pain relief.  You do not need to live with pain, take muscle relaxants or daily pain medication to get you through the day.