Insights Into How Acupuncture Heals

Acupuncture needles promote the flow of Qi and amplify the signal within the body that carries the blueprint for healing.

Inside of you and throughout the universe is an intelligent energetic system that enlivens your body and activates your life. Oriental Medicine (Chinese Medicine) engages this energetic system to bring balance and vitality, allowing you to fully embrace life. This energetic system is called “Qi” by the Chinese and “E” by Einstein — everything is made up of and interconnects through the flow of energy.

One of the treatment methods used by Oriental Medicine is acupuncture. Acupuncture works by relaxing the muscles, calming the mind, increasing the circulation of Qi and blood, eliminating blockages to the flow of energy, and assisting the body in regulating all of its functions. When blockages occur it is like a kink in the garden hose, the plant does not receive full nourishment and will not thrive. Acupuncture can break and prevent blockages to burst forth the full flow of energy in your body so you can thrive in this world.

“To live is to have Qi in every part of your body, to die is to be a body without Qi. For in order to be healthy, the proper balance of Qi must be obtained; neither too much, nor too little.”

Classic Text, Nan-Ching, 5th Century.

Research into regeneration, the ability to re-grow missing body parts, by salamanders provides some interesting insights into how acupuncture heals. At the regeneration site of the salamander and any other injury site, a DC electrical current can be measured and has been found to start, regulate and stop healing. “Cross Currents” by Robert O. Becker MD

Acupuncture points and meridians were measured and found to have DC electrical current. The meridians are part of the electrical control system that notifies the presence of injury and conducts information for healing. The acupuncture points are the amplifiers to keep the signal going. This introduces electrical energy as a controlling mechanism in living organisms and this energy is measurable and able to be manipulated by us. This modern language seems to be describing an aspect of Qi.

The nervous system we are all familiar with uses pulses of information, like a digital computer, making it capable of transmitting large volumes of information quickly. Whereas the DC current forms part of the perineural nervous system. This is a simpler analog data transmission system. This analog system can transmit very precise detail enabling the blueprint for healing to be transmitted, such as specific cell numbers and function, their location and interconnection to their neighbors. A digital system cannot carry this quantity of detail or positional data. The analog system of DC currents is held within the perineural cells which exist alongside the nervous system cells.


These modern findings provide a glimpse into how acupuncture, the insertion of stainless steel needles into specific points, can produce healing.

The acupuncture needles promote the flow of current (Qi), breaking through blockages and amplifying the signal that carries the blueprint for healing, thus healing takes place.