Plantar Fasciitis Treatment & Heel Pain

plantar fasciitis treatmentPlantar fasciitis typically causes a stabbing pain in the bottom of your foot near the heel. The pain is usually worst with the first few steps in the morning, long periods of standing or getting up from a seated position.

The plantar fascia is a thick, ligamentous connective tissue that runs from the heel bone to the ball of the foot. This strong and tight tissue helps maintain the arch of the foot. It is also one of the major transmitters of weight across the foot as you walk or run. The plantar fascia is a sheet of connective tissue (“fascia”) that with over-strain or injury shows signs of collagen degeneration and disorganization leading to pain.

plantar fasciitis treatmentPlantar fasciitis is particularly common in runners. In addition, people who are overweight and those who wear shoes with inadequate support are at risk of plantar fasciitis.

Treatments such as acupuncture, cupping, electrical-stimulation of the acupuncture needles lead to a release in the tightness the plantar fascia, a re-organization and re-generation of the collagen structure that forms the fascia and a breakup of heel spurs that maybe forming at the heel end of the plantar fascia. These changes in the health of the fascia will reduce the pain.

Most people find it necessary to also include stretching of the calf and foot, use of supportive shoes and rest from activities causing the over-strain of the fascia.