Steps of Care

Steps towards health and vitality with acupuncture care.

Feeling healthy goes beyond the absence of acute or chronic illness. Often, we don’t acknowledge our health until it is compromised. Most patients begin acupuncture treatment to receive quick relief from pain, discomfort or other symptoms. This is Relief Care. Each visit builds on the previous, paving the way to addressing the initial compliant. Frequent visits over a few weeks or months maybe needed to further reduce your symptoms. Your condition, age, lifestyle and the quality and quantity of your energy (Qi) are all factors in your frequency of treatment.

Relief Care:

  • Obvious symptoms
  • Visits are frequent to promote quick recovery

The next phase is Corrective Care. Signs and symptoms have been reduced and visits are less frequent. This phase maintains and supports the changes you have achieved and provides a foundation for deeper healing. Even though you may not be experiencing symptoms, it is important to continue to strengthen and support your body.</P

Corrective Care:

  • Symptoms disappear
  • Visits are less frequent and you begin to feel better

Maintenance and Wellness CareMaintenance and Wellness Care

This type of care preserves all the progress you have made. Visits maybe monthly, every other month, at a rhythm your body feels is appropriate for you to maintain health and vitality. Little problems may be caught before they become major concerns. Also at the season changes are important times to receive care and support for the body.

Maintenance & Wellness Care:

  • Life is amazing, you feel great
  • “Tune-ups” help maintain health & vitality

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine along with guidance and support around lifestyle choices can keep you looking, feeling and performing at your best.