Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic

Chinese Herbal Medicine Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes the interconnection of all things, and that the attainment of health is an ongoing process – ebbs and flows are a natural part of one’s life. Chinese Medicine supports this journey and in its simplest form is about transformation.

With comprehensive training and extensive clinical experience both in the U.S. and China, the Oriental Healing Clinic uses the full spectrum of traditional Chinese Medicine and Classical Chinese Medicine to go beyond symptom relief and identify the root cause of illness or dysfunction, allowing for healing and the prevention of illness.

This healing approach profoundly works with the balance and flow of the energy in your body and takes into account the many influences affecting your health, viewing you in a holistic manner.

The full system of Traditional Chinese Medicine is available

Utilizing a practitioner trained in the full system of Chinese Medicine you access to the full power of this medicine for healing. Chinese Medicine is also called Oriental Medicine here in the U.S. to take into account the many influences from Japan, Korea Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Oriental Medicine or Chinese Medicine:

  • Makes specific adjustments in the flow, quantity and quality of Qi, and blood
  • Regulates the hormonal system
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduces or eliminates pain and inflammation
  • Balances yin and yang

As such a great variety of conditions can be treated by this approach:

Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive system of medicine that places equal emphasis on the maintenance of well-being, the prevention of illness and the care of people when their health is compromised through injury, illness or lifestyle. A substantial body of knowledge, clinical experience and medical theory guides the diagnosis and treatment of each patient.

The individual constitution and the unique presentation of a disease in each person is an integral part of determining the diagnosis and treatment plan. In this way a group of people with the same disease (e.g. diabetes) do not receive the same treatments; they receive treatments unique to their situation. This is a powerful way of healing that takes in to account the whole picture. A philosophy of interconnectedness guides this medicine.

All aspects of a person and their environment are seen as connected and influencing health. Diagnosis involves the process of assessing the balances and imbalances present in a person, delving into the root cause within the dynamic of the whole and developing strategies to address the situation. Treatments are designed to activate the body’s natural healing potential, engage the energy systems of the body, address the imbalances and the root cause and alleviate symptoms.

Yin and Yang

The concept of Yin and Yang and the balancing of these opposing forces are pivotal in Chinese Medicine. Yin and Yang are opposites (like hot and cold, dry and wet, hard and soft, male and female) that are in continuous flux with each other. The degree of balance or imbalance between these forces is a summary picture of the many processes within a person that are constantly seeking homeostasis and also how harmonious a person is with their surrounding universe.

For more information on Chinese Medicine or the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Heat Therapy, Diet, Health or any other Chinese Medicine practices contact our acupuncture clinic in either Boulder or Nederland and speak with Juanita McLauglin.